Passion Twists


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Passion Twists, Long Beautiful Curls, LUSCIOUS and AFFORDABLE Extensions. Super soft and lightweight makes it easy to braid passion twist. Ideal for Crochet and Twisted Braids.


Essential Information 

Recommendations: Mix and match colours, to achieve a unique look to suit your personal taste

Type of hair: Curly fibre

Type of product: Bulk

Packs used for full head: 2 to 3 packs (depends on your chosen styles, preferred thickness, head size and hairstylist)

Weight / pack: (approx.) 165g

Length: (approx.) 30”

Care Instruction: Gently separate curl before you start installation. Wear Satin/Silk bonnet when you sleep to maintain the curled and keep it clean.


  • No need to hot water curl
  • Flame resistant
  • Super soft, lightweight and tangle free (with proper care)
  • Suitable for all braiding styles and crochet

Care Instruction

Trim hair after weeks of installation, wear satin bonnet at night to retain the moisture and shine. 

Passion twist can be used as various hair length, cut into two for shorter length or use it as long for longer length, depending on your ideal style. Leaving it long may require like 3-6 packs for complete head. 

Before installing Passion Twist:

Make sure your hair is cleansed, scalped is clean and moisturised before installation of the crochet or braids. 

With regular care and attention, your extensions can last as long as it is maintained and stay healthy.


Check out Darling How to Install Passion Twist

Weight0.165 g

1, T1/Gold, T1B/BG

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