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Hair Care

Hair care

Hair Oil

Our hair and scalp need oil, that’s why our body naturally produces sebum and distributes it around the different glands including our skins. 

But, sometimes our body produce too much much or too little which can cause problems e.g dry, itchy scalps leading to dandruff and even excessively greasy hair.

Thank God for Natures goodness in producing essential oils that we can conveniently use to improve the health of our hair, skin and scalp. 

Protective styles

African Braids

African Braids are traditionally known to be protective styles. Provides versatility, easy way to experiment with different looks without commitment.  

natural Hair care

Natural Hair

Simply means hair not altered by chemical manipulation for straightening, curling, and colouring etc. This includes using relaxer and colouring agents. 

Hair using other methods of alteration such as pressed hair may still be considered as Natural hair if it returns to its unaltered state once washed. 

Natural hair has different textures and can be delicate to manage.  For example, Natural black hair ranges from wavy to kinky-coily; which are prone to dryness and damage. Therefore requires extra nourishment and care from the products. 

Lewa Hair Natural hair collection focuses on natural and organic hair products from brands who are conscious of maintaining the hair natural states.

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