How to Crochet Your Hair

How to Crochet Your Hair

Crochet Hair

What you Need  

  • Wide tooth comb 
  • Small hair elastics 
  • Hair claw clips 
  • Styling gel 
  • Crochet Needle 
  • Hair to crochet (preferably pre-looped hair)

Short Description: 

Cleanse your hair with Shampoo, Deep condition, and moisturise. 

Cornrow your hair downward into 5 – 6 plaits 

Take the crochet needle, close the lash, insert into one plait, open the lash, hook hair on the lash and close then pull hair through the plait


STEP 1: Prep hair by washing with cleansing Shampoo and Cream conditioner 

STEP 2: Detangle your hair. Detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb. Let your hair air dry for a few minutes. If your hair is textured and curly you may want to use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process in order to make it easier to braid. Before using heat blow drying, remember to add heat protectant to avoid heat damage on your strands. 

STEP 3: Separate your hair into two sections. Divide your dry hair into two straight sections, from front to nape, make sure the two sections are equal size.

STEP 4: Braid your hair by small section. Ideally 3-4 on each section

STEP 5: Start Crochet. Open the latch, and slide the hook through your cornrow. Loop the hair onto the hook.

STEP 6: Close the latch securely. Reverse and slide hooked hair, back through the cornrow.

STEP 7: Open the latch, then remove hair from the hook. Using two fingers, hold the pre-looped end of hair open.

STEP 8: Feed the hair through the pre-looped opening. Twist loop & feed again. Pull and secure tightly.

Repeat steps 5 – 8 until you have crochet your entire hair or the desire section.

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